Beyond The Brown Bag Lunch Ideas

And…we are back! Hey there! Long time no talk. Man are summers hard. Work. eat. sleep. beach! Is there time for anything else?! Gone are the days of waking up

Lemon Icebox Cake

Hello, hello! Long time no talk! I didn’t intend to take a two week blogging break, but it just happened. Life has been CRAY-ZEYYY! But, Here we are. To talk

Southwest Tortellini Salad

Hello season of salads!! And sunshine, and longer days, and salty air, and all the FUNNNN. Hiiiiiiiii Summer! I am a definite fan of salads. But I am also a

Anadama Rolls

It is HOT, HOT, HOT here in Southern California, and I don’t see any end to it in sight. Like woah. Where did this even come from. June is known

Parsley Walnut Pesto Pasta

Woahhhhh! It is graduation galore everywhere I look. High school graduations, college graduations, hair school graduations….ALLL the Graduations! How was your weekend? Mine was a whirlwind of graduation parties and

Baked Chai Spice Jelly Filled Donut Holes

Guys. What am I even doing right now? First, I bring you the most delicious chocolate cake of my life, and now we have jelly filled chai spice donut holes

The BEST Chocolate Cake

Holy YUMMMMM!!! We are taking Wednesday to a whole new level. A few weeks ago, I made the chocolate cake from Add a Pinch. Now this cake has over a

Indian Rice with Lima Beans

I spent so long avoiding rice like it was the plague. So many chipotle runs, asian take out days, and Mexican food outings that went rice-less. But why? What was

Pink Lemonade Cookies

It’s FRIDAYYYY!! The sun is shining bright. The weekend is mere hours from our reach. And I come bearing COOKIES!! What could be better? Vacation. Vacation could be better, but

Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Whipped Cream Frosting

Soft and tender lemon cupcakes with homemade lemon curd infused whipped cream frosting make the perfect dessert for any gathering! Woah. I am all sorts of discombobulated starting the week